Who we are

Cocoa Loew Co - Crazy Good Cookies

Cocoa Loew Co. Crazy Good Cookies have been baked in Hunterdon County, NJ for 16 years, but have been available to a wider audience since 2014. If you have ever tasted a Cocoa Loew Co. Crazy Good Cookie, then you already know….they really are Crazy Good.  Baked with only the freshest ingredients and absolutely no preservatives, Cocoa Loew Co. Cookies taste amazing, both hot out of the oven or chilled.  Enjoy them on their own, or with your favorite ice cream or beverage.  We happily bake a cookie for every preference.

The Cocoa Loew Co. mission is to provide you with fresh, delicious cookies – quite possibly the best cookies you will ever taste.  We all know that life is crazy...and Cocoa Loew Co Cookies are crazy good. They are the ultimate comfort food for our crazy world.

Truly Kosher

Cocoa Loew Co. Cookies contain only Kosher ingredients. Not only are the ingredients Kosher, the cookies are baked at the Flemington Jewish Community Center. Kosher ingredients plus a Kosher certified kitchen - an added bonus.