Q? I just received a box of Cocoa Loew Co. Cookies. How long will they last?
A. Until you eat them all! However, we advocate “all things in moderation” – even cookies. So if, after 24 hours, your family, friends, and co-workers haven’t devoured all of your cookies, please don’t hide those remaining cookies in your nightstand, but rather, under the bags of frozen vegetables in the freezer, where no one will look. Frozen cookies need to sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes to thaw. This way, you can enjoy fresh and delicious cookies for up to 2 months.

Q? Are Cocoa Loew Co. Cookies really Crazy Good?
A. They absolutely are! They are delicious, some of the best cookies that you will ever taste. But don’t take our word for it, try them for yourself!

Q? Why are Cocoa Loew Co. Cookies crazy good?
A. Our cookies are baked daily with only the freshest ingredients: butter, eggs, sugar, flour, oats, chocolate chips….they do not contain any preservatives at all. This is why they must be consumed or frozen right away. We want you to enjoy them as they are meant to taste – fresh and amazingly delicious.

Q? Can I order Cocoa Loew Co. cookies with my credit card?
A. We are pleased to offer Paypal, which does allow you to use your credit card. We will also be offering credit card payment options within a few months.

Q? Can I order nut-free Cocoa Loew Co. cookies?
A. Cocoa Loew Co. will happily prepare delicious cookies without nuts, in that all ingredients used to prepare your order will be free of nuts. However, our facility is not certified nut free.

Q? How about the gluten-free cookies?
A. We also happily prepare cookies with gluten-free ingredients, but again, the facility is not certified to be gluten-free.

Q? I don’t see the exact type of cookie that I like on your website, will you accept custom orders?
A. We are happy to consider custom orders within reason, please contact Liz at liz@cocoaloewco.com with your request.