Who we are

Crazy Good Cookies come from Crazy Good Ingredients

Cocoa Loew Co. cookies are made with only the freshest natural ingredients, and no preservatives.  That’s why they are Crazy Good.  They should be consumed – or frozen – upon receipt.  Freeze the cookies in a tightly sealed plastic bag and they will keep for up to a month.  They are ready to eat within minutes of being removed from the freezer.

Real butter, sugar, eggs, rolled oats, raisins and Nestle chocolate chips are just some of the ingredients in our cookies.  While many of the cookies are nut free, they are prepared in a facility with nuts (and by nuts).  Just a word of caution to those with allergies.

Truly Kosher

Cocoa Loew Co. uses nothing but Kosher ingredients in every cookie we make. We also prepare our cookies at the Flemington Jewish Community Center, so you can rest assured our cookies are made with kosher ingredients inside a kosher certified kitchen.